We're moving! My Etsy shop closed and my Shopify is now running with some of my products!


Welcome! My name is Matt and I'm from Kitchener, Ontario (in Canada, eh!). Thanks for checking out my site, this is where you can find everything I make, design, and sell.My little shop has grown from just stickers :) Now you can grab everything from stickers to t-shirts to mugs to custom Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards to Tesla customization stickers on my various sites. Check them out!Follow me on Instagram for discounts and to see the sticker making process!Note: Currently moving my shop to Shopify!

Visit my (5-star!) Etsy for:

  • Security Cam Stickers

  • Tesla Customization Stickers

  • Custom Orders

Visit my Shopify for:

  • T-Shirts

  • Mugs

  • Animal Crossing Amiibos

  • Hamilton (the Musical) Merch

  • Classic Cartoon Pins

  • Magic School bus

  • Arthur

  • Video Game Stickers

  • Other stuyff can't have on Etsy!

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  • Home goods (pillows, etc.)

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Some of my products

I update this site less often than my shops so check Etsy and my Instagram for the newest stuff!

That's okay because this is a Sea Plane

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Ever wanted to pick your villager in New Horizons or any other AC game? I can make a card you can tap on your Switch to invite the villagers you want to move in!

Shirts and Baby Clothes

Fun fact: I used to own and design for a clothing company years ago :) The spirit lives on with my new line of awesome T-Shirts, Baby Onesies, and Toddler clothing.

This is a series of Mug shots


Everyone needs to consume liquids! And with these mugs your liquids will be the most stylish, talked-about liquids in the room or maybe even building!

Full Color Pins

I LOVE designing pins. I've finally been able to launch a couple that I wanted but couldn't find :) Childhood Nostalgia - Magic School Bus and Arthur! I redraw these in vector format to keep the quality of the print perfect.

Perfect for your backpack or just your chest if you're a BADASS

Official Wyze Cam Stickers

WYZE (one of my favourite companies!) has allowed me to officially design, produce, and sell stickers for their range of home camera and security products such as the new WYZE Sense door sensors and motion alarms. Check out all the options here!

New: Window Clings

Ever wanted a less-permanent window solution that sticks in OR out of the window and can be RE-SUED? My first window clings for Nest and Ring are available now.

Such static, so cling. SUCH SECURITY!
In or outside prints!

Protected by Nest stickers

I got a Nest Cam, unpacked it, then set it up. Then I dumped out the box looking for the sticker. You know, the sticker that says "home protected by Nest" so the bad guys know not to mess with me. IT DIDN'T COME WITH ONE!??? So I made these, and I have yet to be burgled :)

Ring Security Stickers

Available both reverse-print for inside the window and normal die cut, these stickers will let intruders know to skip your house!

Ring, ring! It's SECURITY.
Maybe these will make it even faster! (they don't)

Tesla Stickers

Pimp your (electric) ride! I'm 95% sure I invented charge port decals, so come grab one that I've designed or have me design something custom! I also do handle wraps, emblem decals, door open button stickers, and more!

Custom Orders

Need a custom sticker? I can do orders for custom die cut stickers, custom transfer stickers (aka decals), or even reverse-print and static clings of your own! Email me or message me on Etsy to get a quote! Perfect for weddings, parties, cars, etc.

If you dream it I can make it

Arlo Stickers

An up-and-coming security system from Netgear, Arlo stickers are a must-have if you have more than one window or entrance to your home!

Have a request? Problem with an order? Want to go custom? Email [email protected] :)

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